By: amk On: February 28, 2018 In: ACTA, CEEAMS, Conference, Croatia, Migration, Mission, publication Comments: 0

“How is it possible that in the EU, and in our countries we hear so much about work, unemployment,...

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By: amk On: January 12, 2018 In: Croatia, Hungary, Lectures, Mission, Students Comments: 0

What do an astronomer, a social worker and a lawyer have in common? With ten others, they had registered...

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By: amk On: December 19, 2017 In: CEEAMS, Croatia, Mission Comments: 0

On 2nd December 2017, I received the news of the sudden passing away of Drazen Glavas, one of the...

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By: amk On: November 30, 2017 In: Conference, Croatia, Mission, Roma, Serbia, Students Comments: 0

“I am actually the only one of the Roma youth in our city, who did not have this experience.”...

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By: amk On: September 30, 2017 In: Croatia, Hungary, Meeting, Mission, Serbia, Students Comments: 0

What do an former prison guard, a camel keeper, a manager at a company for aluminum car rims, and...

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By: amk On: September 16, 2017 In: GZB, Mission, Netherlands Comments: 0

Sunday afternoon. My phone rings. “Rev. C. Snoei has passed away.”¬†As a mentor, and wise counsellor, he has meant...

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By: amk On: July 30, 2017 In: CEEAMS, Conference, Croatia, Meeting, Mission, PhD, Students Comments: 0

Listening, asking a question, telling something about what I have learned from mentors in my own life as Rev....

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By: amk On: July 27, 2017 In: CEEAMS, Croatia, Mission, Students, Ukraine Comments: 0

“In fact, I do need a place to study undisturbedly so that I can progress with my PhD studies.”...

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By: amk On: July 25, 2017 In: CEEAMS, Croatia, Meeting, Mission Comments: 0

How could we equip professionals, the “every day” missionaries of today to witness for Christ in their professions? How...

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By: amk On: June 07, 2017 In: CEEAMS, Mission Comments: 0

New Release! Mission in Central and Eastern Europe. Realities, Perspectives, Trends. Edited by: Corneliu Constantineanu, Marcel V Macelaru, Anne-Marie...

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By: amk On: October 23, 2015 In: Conference, Lectures, Mission Comments: 0

The School of Intercultural Studies of Fuller Theological Seminary celebrated its 50th anniversary, at which I was asked to...

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