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What do an former prison guard, a camel keeper, a manager at a company for aluminum car rims, and an former drug dealer have in common?

Gyula (Hungary) served eight years as a prison guard, was laid off, shortly afterwards his wife ran away with someone and he ended up more or less on the street. He came to faith from a completely un-churched background and is now actively involved in pastoral care for prisoners and in ministry among the Roma.

Melinda (Hungary) also comes from an un-churched background and met with a Christian family during her high school days and was attracted by how they lived their lives in relation with God. She came to faith during her university studies of music and has been working in child evangelism ministry for more than ten years.

Emhő (Hungary) was active in competitive sport for years and is now working in the automotive industry. Through his wife, he also came to faith from a totally un-churched background.

Luka is from Serbia. He was for many years a drug addict and drugs dealer. He kicked off from his addiction several times, but fell back again, until his life radically changed when he met Jesus. Now his greatest desire is to help young people who have ended up on the fringes of society.

The first thing these people have in common is that God brought transformation in totally hopeless situations, their eyes were opened to who He is! Through the trans-formative power of the Gospel people change in Hungary, in Croatia, in Serbia. But there’s more they have in common. These people have started a Bachelor or Master study in theology in Budapest or in Osijek earlier this year. Because they want to learn more how they can work in God’s Kingdom. And that’s important, because the Word of God can also transform local churches, and even the whole societies. A great example of this is the Reformation which we commemorated last year. The message of the Reformation – Sola Scriptura, Sola Gratia, Sola Fide, Sola Christi and Soli Deo Gloria – summarizes the core of the gospel, that results in visible transformation and strengthens cooperation.

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